New realms Feb 3rd!

New Realms launching this Friday!
This short video, gives you a quick summary of what is new in these realms.

3 Realms launching Friday Feb 3 2017

- R113 Veteran-Insane realm
- R114 Veteran realm
- R115 Veteran realm - mobile only

GOT LESS TIME? Play R114 or R115

In Summary: 

- Lower handicap. Smaller max, bigger point difference kick in.
- Fewer Legendary villages resulting in very rare finds.
- Preset-Attacks UI debut - easier farming and more
- Daily gift limit reduction by 50% with unused gift carry over of 3 days max.
- Bonus-only morale in R113. Morale that gives bonuses but no penalties or limits
- Attack-limiting morale on R114 and R115 that levels the playing field to a rough target of 1h/day play.

Combat Preset (Attack presets)

A few feature will debut shortly, in its Alpha stage, that will greatly improve the early game rebel farming / raiding for silver, and more!

Preset attacks, are simply saved troop combinations that you can later send with just one click.

To Create a PreSet Attack

Simply go to the attack page, enter your troops, then click SAVE rather than attack

Enter the name of your preset, then click SAVE again.
You can also choose if this preset will try to launch these troops from your currently selected village on the map, or if it will pick the first village closes to your target and try to launch from there.

To launch a preset attack

Now you will see a little box with your entered name for this preset. Clicking it, will try to launch these troops at your target.
 Indicators will tell you if the launch was successful etc 

Or not successful and why 

Eventually, you can add more, all kinds of presets 

This is an ALPHA RELEASE of this feature, so it is rough and not fully competed. We are releasing it early, so that you can play with it, and comment how we can improve it. Tell us what you would like to see in this to make it useful for you. 

Known Issues

none at this time

What is coming next.

A few features we are considering, please comment or vote on them if you agree.


Post your own suggestion here. See the list of all suggestions here.

Pin / UnPin War Room

War Room launches with your villages listed according to the distance to your target.

When you choose to attack a different village, the war room launches again, with the village list again refreshed according to the distance to the target.

When you do not want the list of villages to change, "PIN" the war room. When PINNED, list of villages does not change, just the distance to target is updated. (Just tap the blue pin icon in the upper right corner to set or reset this option)

PINNING will come in handy when you want to launch multiple attacks from the same village, or set of villages.

Example: Here we have a PINNED list. Notice that when the target changes, the villages listed stay the same (but the attack distances recalculate). Handy!

Internet connection sharing rule for Tournament Realms

Being very competitive and aggressive, tournament realms have the additional rule that prohibits any interaction between players that are using the same internet connection.

This includes:
- Sharing silver
- Coordinating attacks
- Taking each others villages
- Supporting each other.
- Attacking the same player together

Breaking this rule and/or the Terms of Use may result in suspension, banning from the tournament or being banned altogether as circumstances warrant.