Release 66.1 - what's new

Today's release brings some exiting changes and improvements:

  1. Lots of very significant Targets System improvements and changes.
  2. Age display, at the bottom of the UI on desktop, shows countdown to next age and clicking on it, shows ages info popup with lost of useful information. The new ages popup is also on mobile
  3. Village names, out of necessity, are limited to these characters: Alpha-numeric, space plus:
    , . _ - ^ [] () {} % * # @ ! | ~ +
  4. Combat presets : now show you morale information when launching attacks.
  5. Bug fix: village rename from map HUD now populates with current name.
  6. Bug Fix: on desktop, in game mail messages from roe team, open in a new tab (finally!).
  7. Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Target System improvements in Release 66.1

Alpha release of the Target System gets a lot of improvements based on your feedback.

It is still in Alpha-release so it is very crude as we await your further feedback.

Map HUD target info display

When you place a target request on a village, you will be able to see the notes you put on it, right on the map's HUD

Act-by Time

You can now set a "attack this target by time" or "support this village by time", and this appears as a countdown for your clan. For village with incoming attacks, you can auto populate this with the land time of the 1st incoming

Assigned To 

You can now assign a target to a particular player. This is a big and far reaching addition that opens up a lot of new possibilities - possibility for private operations, and a way to notify a single player to act more quickly.

Assigning a target to player, has the following effects:

1) Displays is the map HUD to tell the player that this target is assigned to them

2) highlights the target in the target list for this player

3) If you include an "act by" time, the person also gets a counter on the bottom of the UI thus prompting them that there is an action requested of them.

4) IMPORTANT - Limit visibility of this target request - ONLY the person who created this targets request, and the person to whom it was assigned, will see it. Rest of the clan and allies will not see this target request at all.

This allows you to create private operations, assigning targets quietly to a select group of people. Note that if you can create multiple target request per village, therefore you can have one village assigned to multiple people, and even to entire clan at the same time.

IMPORTANT NOTE - only assign to a clan member or ally as only those players can see your targets! If you assign target to someone outside of your clan & allies, they will never see it.