Raids! Sneak Peek ...

Hail Lords and Ladies!

Raids are small missions you can undertake (like raiding a cave infested by bandits), and get rewards that will help you expand your empire.

You will be able to do private / solo missions, just for you, clan missions ( those kick in day 7 of the realm) where everyone can participate and get a portion of the loot depending on their participation, as well as realm wide missions where clans and individuals can compete.

First few hours since your registration on a realm, will give you easy to beat, very frequent raids, but with that, comes smaller reward per raid. After that, you will get daily raids that are giving better rewards.

Day 7 of the realm, you will start to get clan raids. In clan raids, the more people that participate, the better very all reward for the clan. 

This functionality is still in its Beta release, and parameters like raid frequency, monster HP, rewards etc might change without notice.

  • What does the green bar on raid indicate? It is the "raid health /HP" that you must beat
  • Do I lose troops when sending troops at the raid? No, not for solo/private raids

Known Issues
  • None 
Recent Fixes

Release Notes
  • Version 0.3 - released Sep 14 2017
    - Clan raids kick in day 7 in realm
    - First few hours on realm, players get very easy to beat but frequent solo raids
    - more monsters
  • Version 0.2 - released Aug 29 2017
    raids become more lucrative but also harder to beat as realm ages
    - there are 5 different types of raids from common to epic rarity with higher rarity yielding higher rewards
    - raid's strength depends on player's strength as to village points
    - raids are accessible on device as well 
  • Version 0.1 - one solo raid, available on desktop interface only