Some comments on new features released today

Today we are pleased to make yet another release with some great new features and updates!

Summary of today's release:
  1. From attack report, can paste attacker & defender into battle simulator as attacker or defender (much more flexible than what we had before)
  2. From attack report, can paste the intelligence info available in the report, about the attacker or defender, into a note on a the village. That paste uses the new troops and report BBCode to nicely format the report, gives you a link back to the original report and more.
  3. Paste your troops into the battle simulator in various ways
  4. New BBCode [troops] - allows you to list the troops in some village in a nice way
  5. New BBCode [report] - renders a nice box around whatever text you want signaling that this is a report. Will be expanded further in functionality in following releases
  6. BBCodes now supported in Village Notes (notes on other villages)
  7. Both player and village overview, when clicked from the map, open in a popup just like quick attack/support thus allowing you review the info without leaving the map. On those popup you can see the incoming/outgoing from this village/player, as well as your notes.
  8. Quick attack & support windows now have an option to close the window after sending the attack - no need to click the close window icon each time
  9. Easier to see your notes on village/player when hovering over a village on the map
  10. Ranking areas - probably one of the more exciting new features we are introducing. The map is divided to a number of 100x100 square areas and you can see how you rank against players in your area. Currently, this has been implemented for Player Ranking only but Clan Ranking will also be divided into areas in the next release. We have great hopes for this to create more localized clans as new player will by default see the top clans in his area rather than realm wide.

Pasting Report to village Note and the new BBCodes

We wanted an easier way for you to relate a report of your choosing to a village. Ie, an easier way to see what troops a village may have according to the intelligence you have.

To get this nice troops table, simply put [troops]0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0[/troops] where the 0 is some number of troops. Put "?" if you don't know. Available anywere BBCodes are supported

Doing more from the map
We want to allow you to do more from the map without having to refresh it and loose your place.

For this, we've improved the quick attack/support (even more improves coming in future releases) and made the player and village overview popups.

Imagine browsing the map - how many times have you wondered:
  • what notes do I have on this player /village?
  • do I have a spy report, or any intelligence on this village?
  • do I have attacks / support incoming from this player?
  • am I attacking this player or village?
Well, now with the village overview as a popup, and ability to paste report into the note, you can see get this information easily.

We've just begun to expand functionality in this direction and plan to continue with the 'do more from the map' philosophy. I wish I could share with you a road map but things change SO quickly that I rather announce features when they are ready, or almost ready at least!

Ranking Areas

This existing new feature is in its infancy right now. Implemented only for Player Ranking for now in order to get you guys to experiment with this as soon as possible.

Basically, we divided up the realm into 100x100 square boxes or areas.

By default, you view your ranking in your area, the area that you current village is in.

We will soon expand the clan ranking to include the areas as well. You will be able to see the rank and points of your clan in your (or some other) area in addition to realm wide as it is now