Today we have fully launched the Raids System. Let us explain how it all works!

Solo Raids

Solo raids, are daily events where you can defeat the monster on your own. You do not lose any troops attacking these beast and the reward is fixed to what is presented on the screen. 

The strength of the monster increased with age of the realm and your size on the realm. More rare raids are also a bit more difficult to complete

Clan Raids

Clan raids are weekly clan events. They are designed for the entire clan to participate in. Unlike solo raids, attacking these monsters costs you troops.

Your reward depends on how much damage you do to the monster. The slider, allows you to explore the rewards per damage done.

Every member of a clan raid has their own set damage contribution. This depends on their size, and the size of the clan. Doing more damage than you're supposed to yields less and less rewards, and thus becomes more costly, so beware. The slider defaults to the ideal percent, and your reward "sweet spot"

We determine "the sweet spot" based on your size, compared to clan size. The larger you are in the clan, the more HP damage you are required to make in order to achieve your reward sweet spot. 

Note that if you do significantly more HP damage than what you "should", you will be losing more troops than you will get in the reward. 

As a clan, you will get the maximum reward, if everyone participates up to "their sweet spot" 

Strength of the monster depends on the number of players in the clan. Reward also depends on the number of players in the clan. Such that, no mater the size of the clan, every clan member, in every clan, is capable to receive the same reward if they participate properly (ie, up to their sweet spot)

Only clans with at least 4 members will get clan raids. 


Q: What happens when a raid expires?

Any raid that expires but is not beaten, is practically over - you cannot send more troops at it, and you cannot collect rewards. However, any outgoing troops will still land and do damage, and if beaten, reward can be collected 

Clan Raids and new realms

Hello Realm of Empires players!


We are pleased to announce a brand new feature - Clan and Solo Raids.

Raids are basically a PvE system where you can commit your troops to fight a monster of some kind.

In case of clan raids, all clan members are encouraged to participate, resulting in rich loot for everyone

This allows clan members hesitant to engage in PvP play, to still participate and benefit the clan.

The more active the clan members are, the more the entire clan will benefit

2 New Veteran Realms

Raids will debut on two new veteran realms.

Based on your feedback and our research of the summer realms, we are pleased to announce two new realms for September:

Sep 14 - No morale, large realm.

Sep 29 - New morale design, large realm

Based on your feedback, you either like morale or do not like it. Hence two parallel realms, different mostly on morale.

Also, based on your feedback, we are adjusting the morale to be more friendly to players with less time. Details to come but we are adjusting parameters such as how it effects farming, vs real battles, bonuses and penalties.

We hope you will enjoy the new feature and realms!

Raids! Sneak Peek ...

Hail Lords and Ladies!

Raids are small missions you can undertake (like raiding a cave infested by bandits), and get rewards that will help you expand your empire.

You will be able to do private / solo missions, just for you, clan missions ( those kick in day 7 of the realm) where everyone can participate and get a portion of the loot depending on their participation, as well as realm wide missions where clans and individuals can compete.

First few hours since your registration on a realm, will give you easy to beat, very frequent raids, but with that, comes smaller reward per raid. After that, you will get daily raids that are giving better rewards.

Day 7 of the realm, you will start to get clan raids. In clan raids, the more people that participate, the better very all reward for the clan. 

This functionality is still in its Beta release, and parameters like raid frequency, monster HP, rewards etc might change without notice.

  • What does the green bar on raid indicate? It is the "raid health /HP" that you must beat
  • Do I lose troops when sending troops at the raid? No, not for solo/private raids

Known Issues
  • None 
Recent Fixes

Release Notes
  • Version 0.3 - released Sep 14 2017
    - Clan raids kick in day 7 in realm
    - First few hours on realm, players get very easy to beat but frequent solo raids
    - more monsters
  • Version 0.2 - released Aug 29 2017
    raids become more lucrative but also harder to beat as realm ages
    - there are 5 different types of raids from common to epic rarity with higher rarity yielding higher rewards
    - raid's strength depends on player's strength as to village points
    - raids are accessible on device as well 
  • Version 0.1 - one solo raid, available on desktop interface only

Target System - Release v1

Our Target System went through a number of iterations (alpha, beta).

We learned a lot - what works, what is unnecessary, how you want to use it. Based on your feedback, we are releasing a new update, now a full version 1 release.

Greg Bala explain the changes and how to use it, in these two developer log videos

Developer Log 21 Part 1 of 2
Target System
Calling for support

Developer Log 21 Part 2 of 2
Target System
Calling for attacks

Make a HOW-TO video tutorial and earn servants!

Hail Realm of Empire players!

We want YOU to share your best how-to-play Realm Of Empires ideas with the rest of the community, and we will reward you - we will shower you - with servants for doing so!


  1. Make a how-to video about Realm of Empires, and upload it to YouTube
  2. Send us a link to the video
  3. Get between 500 to 5,000 servants.
  4. Repeat (see rules)


Your video should be a tutorial or strategy guide for a specific concept or part of the game. 

  • How to maximize your early game growth / quickest way to the palace
  • How to use the war-room
  • How to attack in a war (feel free to simulate with a friend, or record actual war) 
  • How to defend when under attack (feel free to simulate with a friend) 
  • How to use any of the mass features
  • How to use the village list
  • How to efficiently raid rebels on a morale realm
  • How to setup and run a clan
  • How to use the target system 
  • How to use the clan claim system 
  • How to properly use legendary bonus villages 
  • etc ....


  • If your video is a serious attempt at a good quality tutorial, or strategy guide, you will automatically earn 500 servants; basically, no joke videos please
  • If we judge your video as good enough quality and content for our channel, we will post it on our channel, and you earn 1000 servants
  • If we judge your video as good enough quality and content to feature it in game, we will share it with all players in game, and you will earn additional servants, up to 5,000 based on quality
We know that making videos is time consuming, therefore it is our intention, to reward every video that is a serious, honest attempt at a how-to tutorial. 


  • video has to be of at least 480p quality
  • audio has to be clear and understandable
  • video has to be showing RoE game-play; no theory, hands on how-tos only please, only new desktop or mobile UI. 
  • video can be of any duration, however, try to keep the video as short as possible for the given topic
  • once you have the video ready, contact us with the link to your video and "how-to video" in subject line  
  • your video will be automatically accepted as per payment structure; if you wish to do more videos, please contact us and let us know what you want to do next. 


If you are wondering how to make a video, we suggest this free video capture program. Microsoft Movie Maker is an easy video editing tool, Adobe After Effects is a more powerful but more difficult to use option.


Ask below in comments and we'll update this post with clarifications as needed

What had changed? A guide for veterans - Clan Claim System

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: Clan Claim SystemSee here for full summary of change.

Clan Claim System

Claiming of villages was typically done via forums or on chat. A new system allows you to simply claim villages right from the map

You can then see your claim, and other's claims right on the map

Lots of configuration options are available to clan leaders

What had changed? A guide for veterans - Target System

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: Target SystemSee here for full summary of change.

Target System - easy calling for support or attack assignment 

We wanted to simply how you ask for support from your clan mates and allies. Until recently, you had to manually message players asking for help. 

Now, you can simply create "Calls for support" and your clanmates and allies will be able to see where they need to send support, and by when. 

Likewise with organizing offensive operations. Assigning targets was tedious manual work via mail or chat. Now you can setup a "Call for attack" on a village and either allow clanmates to claim them or even assign targets to specific people 

This system went through a number of changes since it was released in its Alpha version to Beta version. Click those links for details and a how-to

What had changed? A guide for veterans - Research Changes

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: Research ChangesSee here for full summary of change.

Research Changes

Research has significantly changes to become a critical part of empire building. 

First, for simplicity and ability to focus on particular research tree, we no longer allow more than one researchers. However, all research time has been cut by a factor of 5, so over all duration of research has not increased. With this change, you are able to focus all your effort on a particular research tree and master it, rather than be forced to distribute your researchers among many trees. 

Likewise, we've added more research trees like over all empire wide attack bonus, empire wide defensive bonus to applies to your village regardless of the level of walls and towers. 

We've significantly increased the bonus of some less research trees like the Trading Post which went up from 100% bonus to 240%. This results in interesting options - for example, rather than building palaces in all your villages early on, it may be worth while to research Trading Post and take advantage of very large trading post capacity to transport silver to villages with a palace. 

Later on, we've adjusted the research times a ages, such that you must specialize; you can no longer simply master all research trees in an age. For example, in age 1, you typically can only complete about a third of research available, so you must decide on your long term strategy - concentrate on improving silver production and leave attack and defense research till later? Focus on just attack bonuses and spread out your efforts between offensive and defensive research? Or perhaps max out your defensive research and infantry bonuses and play defensively? 

More details in these videos :  

What had changed? A guide for veterans - End Game

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: End GameSee here for full summary of change.

End Game - win conditions and tournament-like play

In realms without a specific end date, we've set a "win condition" that everyone can see and work towards. Typically, the realm is considered won, when 1 or 2 allied clans control all of the realm, but some clans have other win conditions.

This was introduced in R100 as Greg Bala explain @ 2:12 in this video

Tournament style play was introduced to make it possible to win a realm in significant amount of time, Greg Bala explains: 

What had changed? A guide for veterans - Clan change freeze

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: Clan change freezeSee here for full summary of change.

Clan change freeze 

In order to have a set end game, a goal that all players can work to, we now disallow change changes at late ages of the realm. This means that at some point in time, clan changes are no longer allowed and you must therefore decide where you want to be. Beware, you can however be kicked out of a clan!

Greg Bala explains @ 1:36 in this video

What had changed? A guide for veterans - Legendary Bonus Villages

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: Legendary Bonus Villages. See here for full summary of change.

Legendary Bonus Villages

Legendary Bonus Villages, are a rare set of bonus villages that have significant power boost but have equally significant defensive penalty.

Presence of these villages, creates a lot of new tactical options because while you can easily take such a village from someone, killing a lot of their troops in the process if they choose to defend it, you will have an equally hard time defending it yourself!

Unlike with other bonus villages, you are also unable to change them to a different type, so if you capture it, be prepared to defend it....or, perhaps, not even bother defending them?

Dark General explains:

What had changed? A guide for veterans - Summary

Realm of Empires started in 2008 with Realm 1. We regularly have veterans, those who played a long time ago, come back after years of absence. Sometimes we hear that they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years.

This guide tries to help veterans by itemizing changes that occurred over the years.

Here is a summary of changes

Game Play changes

 Changes to parameters and settings

  1. Servant usage balance - Building speed up
  2. Servant usage balance - Gift cap reduction
  3. Servant usage balance - Yay boost usage limitation
  4. Servant usage balance - Free speedups, spells, troops
  5. Handicap reductions
  6. Losing a governor on attack refunds part of the cost

New Features

What had changed? A guide for veterans - Morale

Realm of Empires started in 2008 with Realm 1. We regularly have veterans, those who played a long time ago, come back after years of absence. Sometimes we hear that they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years.

This guide tries to help veterans by itemizing changes that occurred over the years.


Morale mechanic, was introduced for those players, who felt they could not spend enough time in front of the game to compete with player that had more, sometimes all day to spend playing.

It basically gives you a set of "points" that you can use in a day, and each attack takes certain amount of points. Effectively, this means that once you use up your points, you cannot attack and must wait.

Because we know not all players like this, we have realms that do not have this new mechanic, and some that do.

Realm with this mechanic, are labeled as "1 hour per day" or "30 minutes per day" and indicate how many points you get. A 30 minutes per day realm, means that, roughly, if you spend 30 minutes playing on a realm, you will be just as competitive as a person who spends 10 hours, attack wise.

Realm with morale are typically called "Veteran" realms, realms without morale, are typically called "Veteran-insane" realms.

The effect on the game play are significant, and you have to adjust your play style to it.

The following videos explain the reasoning behind this mechanic, and explain how to use it

Change Log

As requested by players, we will be attempting to maintain a log of changes to Realm of Empires

To see a high level summary of recent changes, see this guide.

May 12 2017

May 5 2017

  • Game and map load time improvements

April 25 2017

  • Target System improvements for ease of use

Release 66.1 - what's new

Today's release brings some exiting changes and improvements:

  1. Lots of very significant Targets System improvements and changes.
  2. Age display, at the bottom of the UI on desktop, shows countdown to next age and clicking on it, shows ages info popup with lost of useful information. The new ages popup is also on mobile
  3. Village names, out of necessity, are limited to these characters: Alpha-numeric, space plus:
    , . _ - ^ [] () {} % * # @ ! | ~ +
  4. Combat presets : now show you morale information when launching attacks.
  5. Bug fix: village rename from map HUD now populates with current name.
  6. Bug Fix: on desktop, in game mail messages from roe team, open in a new tab (finally!).
  7. Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Target System improvements in Release 66.1

Alpha release of the Target System gets a lot of improvements based on your feedback.

It is still in Alpha-release so it is very crude as we await your further feedback.

Map HUD target info display

When you place a target request on a village, you will be able to see the notes you put on it, right on the map's HUD

Act-by Time

You can now set a "attack this target by time" or "support this village by time", and this appears as a countdown for your clan. For village with incoming attacks, you can auto populate this with the land time of the 1st incoming

Assigned To 

You can now assign a target to a particular player. This is a big and far reaching addition that opens up a lot of new possibilities - possibility for private operations, and a way to notify a single player to act more quickly.

Assigning a target to player, has the following effects:

1) Displays is the map HUD to tell the player that this target is assigned to them

2) highlights the target in the target list for this player

3) If you include an "act by" time, the person also gets a counter on the bottom of the UI thus prompting them that there is an action requested of them.

4) IMPORTANT - Limit visibility of this target request - ONLY the person who created this targets request, and the person to whom it was assigned, will see it. Rest of the clan and allies will not see this target request at all.

This allows you to create private operations, assigning targets quietly to a select group of people. Note that if you can create multiple target request per village, therefore you can have one village assigned to multiple people, and even to entire clan at the same time.

IMPORTANT NOTE - only assign to a clan member or ally as only those players can see your targets! If you assign target to someone outside of your clan & allies, they will never see it.

New realms coming shortly

Early springs brigs a plethora of new realms, and a opportunity to show of our hot female avatars!

Thanks to your suggestions (keep more coming!), we were able to come up with a lots of different types of realms, some even wacky realms, with a hope that everyone can find something that suits their game play!


Subscription Realm

No spells, with a monthly subscription. Our next attempt to bring a classic realm to all players, not just old Vets. No Legendaries, no morale, 4X speed.

R5 like Fast Realms

Realms are typically 2x speed. These will be 5x, just like the legendary and epic R5! There will be one with morale, another without it.

Strapped-for-time Morale Realms

Our morale realms, aimed at busy people with little time to play, were tuned to allow a 1h/day play. Many of you asked for two more types – 30min/day play target and 2h/day target. We will deliver such two realms!

No Clans Realm

A realm that has no clans, and ends when top 25 players remain on the realm. Every man and woman for themselves! Either no morale, or bonus only morale.

High-Roller Realm

Last few months brought lots of limits on servants usage, which some of you complained about. We will have a high-roller / sky-is-the-limit kind of a realm! No morale.

Veteran-Insane “Pure” Realm

A variation on our Veteran-Insane realm based on your feedback. 3X speed, no morale, no legendaries, no handicap

Giant Realm

Huge realm with many rebels to grow enormous empires! Something like 50 rebels per player! No morale


Smaller clan cap

10-25 player clan size limit (depending on realm size). Still 2 clan win condition. That will result in more dynamic diplomatic landscape.

No or smaller handicap

Either no handicap or very low age 1 handicap only – 25% max, in age 1, 0% in age 2 on wards

Lower unit desertion

Less aggressive unit desertion parameters.

No stewardship 

These realms, will all have no stewardship. With sleep mode, vacation mode, soon to come weekend mode, and mobile companion app, stewardship has become less necessary and it has been brought to our attention that some clans force clan members to setup stewardship, then use it to take over smaller players etc. So we are trying realms without stewardship to give some players a break.

Clan change freeze sooner

Changing clans will be frozen earlier than Age 7, perhaps as soon as Age 3


We are planning to launch a new realm ever 2 weeks so watch the schedule, and pick what suits your game play!

Want to try new realms anonymously?

We know that old grudges can make starting a new realm a painful reopening of old wounds.
Therefore we allow for anonymous play via Throne Room.

Let's see how, via a story (which is totally fictional ... honest!)

There was a person named Greg Bala
All loved him, 
but, one day, due to no faul of his own, 
an evil clan, and all its member, go angry with him!
a grudge against him they held, for very long.

Every realm Greg started on, old reveries kicked in! 
So one day, starting a new realm, a different name he picked. 
SomeoneElse he will be known in this world!

He was happy as happy can be, till some nosy little hobbit, his Throne Room decided to see

Told everyone, yes he did!
everyone now knew, who SomeoneElse really is! 
Old reveries flared up! Fresh start ended as fast as that! 

TO AVOID THIS SAD END, follow these rules:

Start a new realm, then quickly go your Throne Room 

Access your list of realms

Turn the "display: off" for the realm you want to be anonymous in

Now, when someone from that anonymous realm 109 views your Throne Room, all they will see is this : 

and in your list of realms, they will see only this:

Also, when someone else views your Throne Room, from some other realms, on which you are not anonymous, all realms that you did mark as anonymous (ie, set "display off"), will not appear in the list. So in this case, realm 109 would not appear. So your friend and enemies from other realms, will not see that you also play on realm 109. 

Be aware however, never to share these link to your throne room, to player from the anonymous realms ( like Realm 109 in this example) as these links reveal your Throne Room with all its spender!

New realms Feb 3rd!

New Realms launching this Friday!
This short video, gives you a quick summary of what is new in these realms.

3 Realms launching Friday Feb 3 2017

- R113 Veteran-Insane realm
- R114 Veteran realm
- R115 Veteran realm - mobile only

GOT LESS TIME? Play R114 or R115

In Summary: 

- Lower handicap. Smaller max, bigger point difference kick in.
- Fewer Legendary villages resulting in very rare finds.
- Preset-Attacks UI debut - easier farming and more
- Daily gift limit reduction by 50% with unused gift carry over of 3 days max.
- Bonus-only morale in R113. Morale that gives bonuses but no penalties or limits
- Attack-limiting morale on R114 and R115 that levels the playing field to a rough target of 1h/day play.

Combat Preset (Attack presets)

A few feature will debut shortly, in its Alpha stage, that will greatly improve the early game rebel farming / raiding for silver, and more!

Preset attacks, are simply saved troop combinations that you can later send with just one click.

To Create a PreSet Attack

Simply go to the attack page, enter your troops, then click SAVE rather than attack

Enter the name of your preset, then click SAVE again.
You can also choose if this preset will try to launch these troops from your currently selected village on the map, or if it will pick the first village closes to your target and try to launch from there.

To launch a preset attack

Now you will see a little box with your entered name for this preset. Clicking it, will try to launch these troops at your target.
 Indicators will tell you if the launch was successful etc 

Or not successful and why 

Eventually, you can add more, all kinds of presets 

This is an ALPHA RELEASE of this feature, so it is rough and not fully competed. We are releasing it early, so that you can play with it, and comment how we can improve it. Tell us what you would like to see in this to make it useful for you. 

Known Issues

none at this time

What is coming next.

A few features we are considering, please comment or vote on them if you agree.


Post your own suggestion here. See the list of all suggestions here.

Pin / UnPin War Room

War Room launches with your villages listed according to the distance to your target.

When you choose to attack a different village, the war room launches again, with the village list again refreshed according to the distance to the target.

When you do not want the list of villages to change, "PIN" the war room. When PINNED, list of villages does not change, just the distance to target is updated. (Just tap the blue pin icon in the upper right corner to set or reset this option)

PINNING will come in handy when you want to launch multiple attacks from the same village, or set of villages.

Example: Here we have a PINNED list. Notice that when the target changes, the villages listed stay the same (but the attack distances recalculate). Handy!

Internet connection sharing rule for Tournament Realms

Being very competitive and aggressive, tournament realms have the additional rule that prohibits any interaction between players that are using the same internet connection.

This includes:
- Sharing silver
- Coordinating attacks
- Taking each others villages
- Supporting each other.
- Attacking the same player together

Breaking this rule and/or the Terms of Use may result in suspension, banning from the tournament or being banned altogether as circumstances warrant.