What had changed? A guide for veterans - End Game

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: End GameSee here for full summary of change.

End Game - win conditions and tournament-like play

In realms without a specific end date, we've set a "win condition" that everyone can see and work towards. Typically, the realm is considered won, when 1 or 2 allied clans control all of the realm, but some clans have other win conditions.

This was introduced in R100 as Greg Bala explain @ 2:12 in this video

Tournament style play was introduced to make it possible to win a realm in significant amount of time, Greg Bala explains: 

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