What had changed? A guide for veterans - Legendary Bonus Villages

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: Legendary Bonus Villages. See here for full summary of change.

Legendary Bonus Villages

Legendary Bonus Villages, are a rare set of bonus villages that have significant power boost but have equally significant defensive penalty.

Presence of these villages, creates a lot of new tactical options because while you can easily take such a village from someone, killing a lot of their troops in the process if they choose to defend it, you will have an equally hard time defending it yourself!

Unlike with other bonus villages, you are also unable to change them to a different type, so if you capture it, be prepared to defend it....or, perhaps, not even bother defending them?

Dark General explains:

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