Make a HOW-TO video tutorial and earn servants!

Hail Realm of Empire players!

We want YOU to share your best how-to-play Realm Of Empires ideas with the rest of the community, and we will reward you - we will shower you - with servants for doing so!


  1. Make a how-to video about Realm of Empires, and upload it to YouTube
  2. Send us a link to the video
  3. Get between 500 to 5,000 servants.
  4. Repeat (see rules)


Your video should be a tutorial or strategy guide for a specific concept or part of the game. 

  • How to maximize your early game growth / quickest way to the palace
  • How to use the war-room
  • How to attack in a war (feel free to simulate with a friend, or record actual war) 
  • How to defend when under attack (feel free to simulate with a friend) 
  • How to use any of the mass features
  • How to use the village list
  • How to efficiently raid rebels on a morale realm
  • How to setup and run a clan
  • How to use the target system 
  • How to use the clan claim system 
  • How to properly use legendary bonus villages 
  • etc ....


  • If your video is a serious attempt at a good quality tutorial, or strategy guide, you will automatically earn 500 servants; basically, no joke videos please
  • If we judge your video as good enough quality and content for our channel, we will post it on our channel, and you earn 1000 servants
  • If we judge your video as good enough quality and content to feature it in game, we will share it with all players in game, and you will earn additional servants, up to 5,000 based on quality
We know that making videos is time consuming, therefore it is our intention, to reward every video that is a serious, honest attempt at a how-to tutorial. 


  • video has to be of at least 480p quality
  • audio has to be clear and understandable
  • video has to be showing RoE game-play; no theory, hands on how-tos only please, only new desktop or mobile UI. 
  • video can be of any duration, however, try to keep the video as short as possible for the given topic
  • once you have the video ready, contact us with the link to your video and "how-to video" in subject line  
  • your video will be automatically accepted as per payment structure; if you wish to do more videos, please contact us and let us know what you want to do next. 


If you are wondering how to make a video, we suggest this free video capture program. Microsoft Movie Maker is an easy video editing tool, Adobe After Effects is a more powerful but more difficult to use option.


Ask below in comments and we'll update this post with clarifications as needed


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