Realm Of Empires helps Haiti earthquake victims!

Realm of Empires will donate 20% of PayPal sales to the American Red Cross - Haiti Relief and Development fund on all servant packages completed in the week starting January 19th

With your support, we will help more of those in need!

  • The transaction has to be completed in the time specified (Jan 19th to Jan 26th)
  • This is for the PayPal sales of packages between 30 and 2000 servants, not for servants purchased through 3rd parties like OfferPal or SuperRewards
  • Donation will be made promptly after Jan 26th to the American Red Cross

Examples for clarification

For clarification, the 20% is on the gross sale. I.e., If you purchase 100 servants for $4.95USD, we will donate $0.99USD to red cross. 200 servants for $8.95US package results in $1.79USD donation. Purchase 2000 servants and not only will you have servants for a very long time, you can also feel great about helping Haiti victims with approximately $10USD

Help Haiti, Support further development of the game, and enjoy our great premium features!!

Thank you in advance from the Realm Of Empires team!