Realm Of Empires helps Haiti earthquake victims!

Realm of Empires will donate 20% of PayPal sales to the American Red Cross - Haiti Relief and Development fund on all servant packages completed in the week starting January 19th

With your support, we will help more of those in need!

  • The transaction has to be completed in the time specified (Jan 19th to Jan 26th)
  • This is for the PayPal sales of packages between 30 and 2000 servants, not for servants purchased through 3rd parties like OfferPal or SuperRewards
  • Donation will be made promptly after Jan 26th to the American Red Cross

Examples for clarification

For clarification, the 20% is on the gross sale. I.e., If you purchase 100 servants for $4.95USD, we will donate $0.99USD to red cross. 200 servants for $8.95US package results in $1.79USD donation. Purchase 2000 servants and not only will you have servants for a very long time, you can also feel great about helping Haiti victims with approximately $10USD

Help Haiti, Support further development of the game, and enjoy our great premium features!!

Thank you in advance from the Realm Of Empires team!


shing said...

People are going to buy servants no matter what... They're taking a pay cut either way, 20% of a lot of money is 100% more money than Haiti had before.

Anonymous said...

Yes, shing, people will buy servants anyway. I simply think it's in bad taste to promote your product in the wake of such misery. Love the game, but this promo was thought through poorly.

Bilal Sadiq said...

Dear for pakistani customer , paypal doesn't work or you can say paypal don't accept pakistani customer then...... what should we do.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Anonymous, I couldn't hear you over Bubaribaman's highly polished and over-sized trumpet. Could you repeat that in CAPS?

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea, most games are just paying lip service to this disaster, ROE is actually giving real money towards this cause!

Anonymous said...

I think I understand the point of this being in bad taste but why can't we accomplish three things at once? Why can't we enjoy the game, the company makes it's return AND provide meaningful help where it is greatly needed?

Just my two cents worth - I like it.

Marquis de Rabite said...
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Marquis de Rabite said...

We're going to try this again, but this time I'll give it a second read through. :P

I'm not sure if you guys still read these - but, here's a shot!

Six months ago I started playing Realm of Empires on Realm 6 (loved it there) on an alt account. It was an account I had made months and months ago, so that my main wouldn't be a cluster fuck of applications. Long story short - I wound up really sick. Well, four months later - I'm finally better enough to coming back and I'd like to start playing as my main user. (I abandoned my gaming account when I got sick.) I was wondering, since my former username isn't in use - how do I go about getting that back? That's all I want. Any response would be great!

Thank you in advanced.

Anonymous said...


Urgal said...

This gam is epic it deserves an award it has excellent strategy and lots of things to do it has many more ways to achieve your goal than clash of clans there fore it is a much better game.