Realm Of Empires Terms of Use - some explanations and clarifications

Some of you have asked for some more explanation / examples of breaking Realm Of Empire's terms of use ( which may result in a ban. Here is my take on it:

Creating multiple Facebook accounts

if we find that you have personally created and are playing more than 1 account on a realm, all your accounts will be banned on all realms, permanently.

Creating an account for the sole purpose of aiding another account

if we find one account playing for the sole purpose of aiding another account, even if this account is controlled by a different person, this account will be banned.

If we find that the beneficiary is aware of this and is participating willingly, he/she will also be banned.

Using automated scripts (bots), including client side scripts like Greasemonkey scripts.

Any automation without clearing it with us first is considered cheating.

Exploiting a bug - A player that discovers a bug that gives him/her an unfair advantage is expected to report the bug to immediately. Exploiting any bugs to your advantage is prohibited.

You will only be banned for this if it is clear you significantly benefited from a bug to gain advent age over other players and have willingly not reported it or have exploited a bug to damage RoE (ex -corrupting the database)

Posting offensive material
Any posts (emails, forum posts, village names, player names, etc) that are discriminatory in nature with regards to religion, race, sexual orientation, age, or sex will not be permitted.
Physically threatening a player is not allowed (although in-game threats of attacking are ok).
Insulting other players unless this is in regards to their game play ability.
No pornographic material is allowed in Realm of Empires.

It is our general policy to offer one warning for such offences unless it is serious. Every case will be judged seperatelly. If we feel it was premeditate and deliberate, it may result in an immediate ban.

For example, insulting a player in a 'heat of the battle' will earn you warning. Threatening death or harm to him/her *in real life*, even if in a 'heat of battle' will result in an immediate ban and a report to Facebook.

Threatening death to someones village/troops/empire is NOT considered an offense. Spearing lies (I mean propaganda!) about another *player* (not the real life person!) is perfectly OK. Basically, keep the game life and real life separate.


report all offences either on the discussion board or by sending an in game message to roe_team


If you are banned, you are banned for life and from all realms. There is no appeal process. You will not get a reason why you were banned beyond 'breaking the TOU' so no use asking.


Some of the banned players will claim innocence on the discussion board, this is expected. After all, how many guilty criminals are there in the prisons of the world? if you ask them that is!

To the by stander it may appear unjust that no explanation is offered but doing so would only allow others to hide better. This is why we will not reveal our tactics.

Also remember that the game was not created so that we can go around banning active players. Banned players are usually active, very active players. The kind of player a game needs so we have no intention of baning them and take great care before doing so.


Just to be clear - if you got to this article because you got a notification in the 'Game News and Info' section in-game, have no fear. This is not a targeted warning; ie, this message is not for you specifically but rather a general reminder to all.