Tournament Realm X2 just a day away!

As announced on our forum, we are reincarnating Tournament Realm X2

But since RX2 was good in its previous life, it is getting a better form this time around!

We will be introducing probably our biggest game play change since the game first launched.

For details please see our forum post but in a nut shell, after 2 months, the realm will enter a new technological age where villages will be consolidated to cities (at a rate of 10 villages to 1 city) and a true end game will once again become possible!

We hope that a lot of player will give the realm a try as we are hoping for lots of feedback on the change.

For detailed parameters, please see here. You will have 1 week to enter the realm before it closes.


Blog for Servants II, The Resurrection

Since we have first launched our offer to earn servant for writing about us close to 3 years ago, we have given out 22,550 servants resulting in some really cool articles!

This offer is still active.

Our intention is to encourage those of you who  like the game, to take the time to write about us.

Our ultimate goal, is to get written about in a known gaming blog or magazine. Can you make it happen?

We are actively looking for ways for our players to earn servants; this is one of the way we want to do that.


Write about us = Get Servants

Have an existing blog?
Know someone with a blog?
How about a magazine?
If you can either write a favorable blog, publish an article about us, or influence someone to do so, then we would like to reward you handsomely! You do not actually have to write the article, but at least influence someone to write one. If the author will confirm you as the reason for writing the publication you will be rewarded!

  1. The article / blog must be favorable towards realm of empires and must include a link to or
  2. One offer per person unless you clear it with us first
  3. No Spam! Anything that could be considered as spam is not allowed.


We decide if the article/blog is acceptable for this offer and every article that is accepted will earn a minimum of 50 servants. We will then decide how much more is the publication worth based on the following:

  1. Popularity of the blog / magazine
  2. Quality of the publication (is it engaging, is it well written, proper grammar and spelling, length, presentation, how favorable it is to Realm Of Empires etc)
  3. Relevance of the blog / magazine to the game (an online strategy game magazine/website will be considered more relevant than a food magazine :)
  4. Presentation of the publication - does it include nice screen shots of the game? Does it include nice images?

How much can I expect to get?
A paragraph length blog entry on a personal blog with an active following will earn you 50-100 servants. Article on a relatively popular gaming website will easily earn you 10,000 servants. Get us into wired magazine, and there will be servants coming out of your … ears! :)

However, a new blog, created just for this offer, with no readers, will not be accepted.

Maximize your reward - Include nice images!
Feel free to use any of the game images you choose. We also creted a few nice images for you to use here:

How to claim your reward
Email us subject “blog for servants offer”, include a link to the article with any explanation, or metrics on the blog/website/magazine that you feel are relevant. Send using the email that identifies you are the author of the publication. If you are not the author, include the author on the email and he will have to verify you are the reason for this blog/article.

Remember to help us out in determining the popularity of the blog, website or magazine. Help us get the proper information, or offer us the matrics if you have them.

We will review your entry and will get back to you as soon as possible ( we aim for a 5 day turn around)

Yeah, yeah, you will just not 'accept' my article won’t you!?
No, we plan to accept every entry unless it is very poorly done/trivial, does not promote us at all, or even worse, damages us. We want to encourage you to use your talents to help us grow accepting articles will help us accomplish this goal.

Can I get an estimate before going to the trouble of writing?
Definitely! If you are thinking of taking advantage of this offer, but not sure if it will be acceptable, or what the reward amount will be, submit your idea to and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Include as much relevant information as possible.

Examples of what will NOT be accepted
Remember that the idea behind this offer is to reward you for helping to promote Realm Of Empires.
Creating a brand new personal blog just for the purpose of this offer, a blog that has no readers of any kind, does not promote us and will not be acceptable. This offer is for exising blogs, website or articles with at least some popualrity /reader base.