What had changed? A guide for veterans - Target System

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: Target SystemSee here for full summary of change.

Target System - easy calling for support or attack assignment 

We wanted to simply how you ask for support from your clan mates and allies. Until recently, you had to manually message players asking for help. 

Now, you can simply create "Calls for support" and your clanmates and allies will be able to see where they need to send support, and by when. 

Likewise with organizing offensive operations. Assigning targets was tedious manual work via mail or chat. Now you can setup a "Call for attack" on a village and either allow clanmates to claim them or even assign targets to specific people 

This system went through a number of changes since it was released in its Alpha version to Beta version. Click those links for details and a how-to


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