What had changed? A guide for veterans - Research Changes

Realm of Empires started in 2008. We regularly have veterans coming back after years of absence. Sometimes they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years. We've compiled a guide designed to help veterans get up to speed on all the change.
In this post: Research ChangesSee here for full summary of change.

Research Changes

Research has significantly changes to become a critical part of empire building. 

First, for simplicity and ability to focus on particular research tree, we no longer allow more than one researchers. However, all research time has been cut by a factor of 5, so over all duration of research has not increased. With this change, you are able to focus all your effort on a particular research tree and master it, rather than be forced to distribute your researchers among many trees. 

Likewise, we've added more research trees like over all empire wide attack bonus, empire wide defensive bonus to applies to your village regardless of the level of walls and towers. 

We've significantly increased the bonus of some less research trees like the Trading Post which went up from 100% bonus to 240%. This results in interesting options - for example, rather than building palaces in all your villages early on, it may be worth while to research Trading Post and take advantage of very large trading post capacity to transport silver to villages with a palace. 

Later on, we've adjusted the research times a ages, such that you must specialize; you can no longer simply master all research trees in an age. For example, in age 1, you typically can only complete about a third of research available, so you must decide on your long term strategy - concentrate on improving silver production and leave attack and defense research till later? Focus on just attack bonuses and spread out your efforts between offensive and defensive research? Or perhaps max out your defensive research and infantry bonuses and play defensively? 

More details in these videos :  

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