Release 66.1 - what's new

Today's release brings some exiting changes and improvements:

  1. Lots of very significant Targets System improvements and changes.
  2. Age display, at the bottom of the UI on desktop, shows countdown to next age and clicking on it, shows ages info popup with lost of useful information. The new ages popup is also on mobile
  3. Village names, out of necessity, are limited to these characters: Alpha-numeric, space plus:
    , . _ - ^ [] () {} % * # @ ! | ~ +
  4. Combat presets : now show you morale information when launching attacks.
  5. Bug fix: village rename from map HUD now populates with current name.
  6. Bug Fix: on desktop, in game mail messages from roe team, open in a new tab (finally!).
  7. Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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