Want to try new realms anonymously?

We know that old grudges can make starting a new realm a painful reopening of old wounds.
Therefore we allow for anonymous play via Throne Room.

Let's see how, via a story (which is totally fictional ... honest!)

There was a person named Greg Bala
All loved him, 
but, one day, due to no faul of his own, 
an evil clan, and all its member, go angry with him!
a grudge against him they held, for very long.

Every realm Greg started on, old reveries kicked in! 
So one day, starting a new realm, a different name he picked. 
SomeoneElse he will be known in this world!

He was happy as happy can be, till some nosy little hobbit, his Throne Room decided to see

Told everyone, yes he did!
everyone now knew, who SomeoneElse really is! 
Old reveries flared up! Fresh start ended as fast as that! 

TO AVOID THIS SAD END, follow these rules:

Start a new realm, then quickly go your Throne Room 

Access your list of realms

Turn the "display: off" for the realm you want to be anonymous in

Now, when someone from that anonymous realm 109 views your Throne Room, all they will see is this : 

and in your list of realms, they will see only this:

Also, when someone else views your Throne Room, from some other realms, on which you are not anonymous, all realms that you did mark as anonymous (ie, set "display off"), will not appear in the list. So in this case, realm 109 would not appear. So your friend and enemies from other realms, will not see that you also play on realm 109. 

Be aware however, never to share these link to your throne room, to player from the anonymous realms ( like Realm 109 in this example) as these links reveal your Throne Room with all its spender!

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