New realms Feb 3rd!

New Realms launching this Friday!
This short video, gives you a quick summary of what is new in these realms.

3 Realms launching Friday Feb 3 2017

- R113 Veteran-Insane realm
- R114 Veteran realm
- R115 Veteran realm - mobile only

GOT LESS TIME? Play R114 or R115

In Summary: 

- Lower handicap. Smaller max, bigger point difference kick in.
- Fewer Legendary villages resulting in very rare finds.
- Preset-Attacks UI debut - easier farming and more
- Daily gift limit reduction by 50% with unused gift carry over of 3 days max.
- Bonus-only morale in R113. Morale that gives bonuses but no penalties or limits
- Attack-limiting morale on R114 and R115 that levels the playing field to a rough target of 1h/day play.

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