What is Realm Of Empires?

Before sharing my experience of building Realm Of Empires, let me tell you what it is first! :)

RealmOfEmpires.com is a medieval-themed Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy Game (MMORTG), what an acronym eh?! :)

Its very simple really, you take control of a small village which you slowly grow into a large town.

You slowly recruit an army, and eventually, expand your empire by conquering neighboring villages.

When I say slowly, I mean slooooowly :) The game is specifically designed not to rule your life but to offer you a 15 minute per day distraction from the boring aspects of life. So the idea is that you grow your empire over many weeks and months.

But, this is probably the most boring part of the game - the real rush is engaging in diplomacy and wars which could literally result in being wiped out of the face of the realm! Planning huge wars, days, even weeks in advance with and against real people does not even compare to playing against a computer controlled AI characters!

You also join (or form and lead) clans (grouping of players) and you work together as nations - together with real players.

In reality, Realm Of Empires is a simulation of life. I have been playing such games for good few years now, and I learn something new everyday. Frankly, I wish Obama & McCain would be forced to play such a game and be judged by it! :)

The game is designed to be simple, easy to learn so that you can focus on interesting parts like interacting with other players - either peacefully solving disputes or....or, not so peacefully! ;)

To this end, we've spent significant effort to create a good tutorial. Not sure if we were successful - would love to hear your comments.
So there you go, Realm Of Empires in a nutshell. Are you playing realm of empires? Tell me what YOU find most fun


Anonymous said...

Just want to say many thanks to the creators of this game. It is AMAIZING !!! I would recommend it to anyone. I love the peaceful growing of your village and fun interactions with other people.
I have a very buisy life and I could never afford to spent much time playing, but this game is unique that way that it allows you to have a lot of fun playing few minutes a day.
Thanks guys and you will definately see me in the new realm :)

mich109 said...

I agree with Emma! I am actually constantly creating some blog articles about Realm of Empires and I think this blog is just perfect for me to interact with other members and followers. I would love to encourage other gamers to visit this game because this is the game for us busy people.
Sure we also need a break! And Realm of Empires is the best game to play if you appreciate strategy games yet your time is not enough; this game is really for you! :)

KUDOS to the creators of this game! :)