Changing the IP of a facebook application without downtime

This is definitely not rocket science, but perhaps it could help someone...

If you have a facebook application, and want to move from one server to another, requiring an IP change, as we did recently, you can follow this method to achieve a virtually no downtime move.

Your domain is (IP
Your Facebook (FB) application

You want to move to a different IP (
  1. create a new sub-domain pointing to
  2. change your FB app to point to
  3. create a new sub-domain pointing to
  4. setup new server, do what you need to do, when ready, change FB app to point to
  5. leave the old server online in case it is accessible outside of facebook, via and forward all requests to new server
  6. change * and to point to
  7. 48hours later, take down your old sever

Overkill ??? yes, for many it could be but this allows you to run parallel servers while you test everything, and allows you to quickly and easily rollback in case the moves goes sour.

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