Great news: The Realm of Empires blog is re-launching!

For long-time followers of this blog, you know that it has been about the trials and tribulations of building the Realm of Empires Facebook game.

We are now expanding it to look at topics beyond just technical aspects, new features and benefits of the game.

New topics will include:

  • The latest Realm of Empires player and clan news
  • Trends in Realm of Empires game play (what are players' cool strategies etc.)
  • Profile interviews of longtime Realm of Empires players and others who are expert online gamers
  • Tips and tricks on strategy and game play

We are also expanding our group of bloggers - while it was originally Greg's personal blog, we are opening it up to our other team members, and some of key players.

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Margaret said...

Thanks for the update guys - can we see more information about the latest realms as well? What are your plans for new features?