The Realm of Empires Roadmap

Many times we’ve been asked by our players to tell them what is going on at Realm of Empires, what direction RoE is going in and what features we’re currently working on.

As a small studio, it’s often hard to give an accurate picture of where we are headed. Because we are small, we have to have a lot of flexibility in our plans. For example changes in facebook frequently require an immediate response, and we often have to either pause or re-evaluate what we’re currently focusing on.

With that in mind, we usually plan in such a way as to give ourselves a time line for the next release, and then decide on a set of features we want to implement. Once development starts, we sometimes have to abandon certain features because they turn out to be too risky, complicated, time consuming or we simply can’t get to them. As a result, we often don’t plan further than the next one or two releases, since the feedback we get from the current release influences what we do for our next one.

With all that said, we would still very much like to give you a general idea of where we are headed.

RoE and RoE’

Since we’ve released realm 6, and then realm 8, and now realm 10, we’ve offered a different type of game play in the form of gifts, powerups and more. Based on your feedback, it’s been clear that players tend to really like one style of game play and not the other. This has resulted in two distinct groups of players who have come to expect very different things out of Realm of Empires. We’ve tried to cater to that by offering 2 different realm types side by side, however it is getting difficult to manage. We’ve found that there is no good way of asking a new player to choose which style they would prefer, since a new player would not understand the differences until they’ve fully experienced the game.

For this and many other reasons, we’ve decided to separate the 2 different game styles, into two sister games. Realm of Empires will continue as it has from the beginning (offering the Realm 9 game style) while RoE’ (name TBD!) will continue with the realm 10 style game play. Both products will be similar, and new features will be released to both games at the same time (both games will evolve and grow together). We are just starting to work on this now!

Facebook and Beyond

Because Realm of Empires is a rather serious game, we understand that uptime is extremely important. With the recent events that have occurred during the past few weeks, we are investigating the possibility of allowing you to login and play outside of facebook if and when you choose.

Tournament Realm

We’re planning on offering tournament realms that would occur on a regular basis, such as weekly, or even more often. Each tournament realm will offer different rules and parameters, a different start time, different duration, and everything will be constantly changing. Regular tournament realms will probably have to wait till end of 2010 or very early 2011 but we plan to squeeze in a few adhock tournaments this year as well.

New features in Realm Of Empires

Unfortunately, we can't promise any significant new features in the next 1-2 months. The task of separating ROE and ROE' will keep us busy for the next while, and we'll be booked for at least a month of development time.

However, once the separation is complete, we'll move full steam on implementing new features! We are planning on: doing significant improvements to the UI to speed up the page loads, eliminate a lot of page refreshes, easier filtering and organizing information in tables, more interactive map, more clan colaboration features and lots more to give you a much richer experience.We also hope to offer some cool new game play changes and additions in the new realms such as improvements to handicap system, special village types etc.

With all that's going on, we're extremely excited with the direction that RoE is headed, and we hope you are too! What do you think about RoE and RoE'? Your thoughts on playing outside of facebook?

... And Stay Tuned! Next week I'll be revealing a bit more about what it's like at RoE as I sit down for my second blog interview.

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WolfsDen said...

I like the idea of a way to play outside of Facebook, but I'm wondering about the gifts system. Would it be in game and would it still be based on our Facebook friends list, or a new system.

Thank you

Realms 8,9,10

Bubaribaman said...

Some more insider info in my personal blog:

Anonymous said...

I don't really like the idea of playing outside of Facebook. I find it easy to set RoE as my homepage and on Facebook, so when I'm done I can do other stuff...
I usually avoid long-term games that are not on Facebook, because they are a hastle to use.

Abhay said...

This game is simply too time consuming.
I quit R4 and R7 due to this and am about to quit R5 too. Well I just have 140 ~ villages in R5 and feel the pain of investing too much time. Think about the ones having 300 villages. ROE is not the only life people have. The novelty of this game is fading off. People like to play but not spend 4-5 hours everyday in this.

Unless you bring about some nice changes to decrease the time spent online experienced players will keep on leaving. I guess we are the ones who buy nobility month after month.
Auto attack scheduler is the first step in reducing the online time.
You might want to consider.

Reginald said...

I am still having log-in problems, page keeps refreshing. Screen name is BlackenedHeart (R4) Lancesalot (R6)

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the there a possibility of offering prizes to be applied to other realms for winning the tournaments, or being in a certain point range, or overall ranking?