A little preview of things to come...


There are quite a few things to talk about today, so let’s get down to it. First of all, hello! I’m the Red Herald, your new community liaison. My job is to help you – the RoE community – to communicate your ideas, concerns, hopes and frustrations to the development team. I’m also here to help the development team communicate their vision and goals for Realm of Empires to you guys.

Over the next few weeks you’ll see more and more of me on the forums and Facebook. (Someone has to give Greg a break so he can actually code the game, right?) Go ahead and say hi. I’m friendly. :-P Moving along....

New Realms!

We have two new realms coming up in the very near future. First up will be a 90-day RX3 tournament realm.  If you like action, you’re probably going to want to give this realm a try.
  • No spells. You asked for a classic realm at RX speeds – you got it!
  • Age of Cities. 60 days in, villages consolidate into cities. Just like RX2, this will enable a truly winnable scenario. Unlike RX2, cities will actually be different from villages. I can’t tip all the cards here (and no, they won’t be six times as big as villages), but we’ll post more about those as we get closer to the consolidation date. One more big difference from last time… no map contraction – you’ll have your cities exactly where you want them to be. Check here for all the details.

OK, so that sounds great, but you’re more of a long-haul, epic empire building kind of player? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Realm24 is coming up right after we launch RX3. This one is going to be very interesting. From what I’ve seen, things are going to get flat out awesome in the late-game; I don’t know about you, but that’s friggin’ exciting to me!

Do note that all the new stuff is fairly experimental. Sometimes you just have to try new things though, right? We hope you guys like it!
  • Age of Cities. No more stagnant late-game. (You guys in the older realms know exactly what I'm talking about) This will work a little differently than the RXs, but the core concept is the same. Villages become a much smaller number of more powerful cities... so you don't have to take 100 enemy villages to feel like you even made a dent.
  • Specialized Empires. This is cool. Research has been completely revamped. Once upon a time you raced through a capped research tree and ended up at the exact same place as everyone else. Now you have the chance to set your empire apart.

    Want to be your clan’s banker? Specialize in silver and trading post tech. Want to be constantly on the attack? Keep researching stables and siege workshop technologies! Want to rebuild your poor, broken walls at astonishing speeds? HQ tech is for you. No one can get it all, so what you choose actually matters.

Keep checking back - I'll post more details as soon as I can.

-The Red Herald
Your friendly neighborhood lance-wielding maniac community liaison


Anonymous said...

Wow. Looks like I'm done playing Empires..

Anonymous said...

R25? We still haven't finished R2! I'd love to move on to new realms, but I don't see a point when they never end. I don't have time to play 18 realms at a time. Can you please start ending the older ones? If I just walk away from the older ones, I feel like I let people down, so I'm not going to the newer ones, and when friends quit on me in the older realms, I get sick of playing too. I'll probably just get sick of it all soon.

The Red Herald said...

Aye, the older realms are in a bit of a quagmire, aren't they?

That's exactly why we're building the new age into new realms - to prevent that from happening.

There are plans to bring something similar to older realms, but everything needs more testing and polish, and then we want to get more feedback to make sure it's what a strong majority in each older realm really want.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you think over 3/4 of Realm 5 quitting would be a big enough push to consider this?

The Red Herald said...

I'm not sure I understand your comment, Anon. Consolidation and other tweaks to create a better end-game have been in development for months now. Consolidation and map-reduction were tested in the last RX2. Development work is already in progress for what you're referencing - we're way past the "consider" point.

If you mean to question why we aren't immediately implementing things right now, then I think I better understand your frustration. I wish we had everything ready to go too, but the testing and polishing process takes time. I don't think anyone wants a situation where months or years of hardwork gets thrown out the window because the consolidation program causes major problems for a handful of players, ruining their empires. XD

There is also the fact that polls run for older realms have (thus far) been mostly ambivalent or even negative about the proposed consolidation changes. I'm not sure what to make of that either.

The Red Herald said...

Reply below, in the wrong spot. :P

Anonymous said...

how about a clan cap in new realms, realms that are taken over by invites rather than fighting gets rather boring

TheKamikaze said...

Yes I agree with a clan member cap. I'm so tired of mass invite clans. It's annoying having a clan with 150 members and they just keep taking in more and more members and mergers. Actually I think what would be great is to also have a max of 2 allied clans. And alliances automatically cease after 30 or 60 days and have to be renegotiated (ie.reinstated via a simple click).

Anonymous said...

When is exactly R24 going to Start?

Week 26?

Becca Greenwood said...

I don't think a clan member cap is warranted in a long term realm...keep that for rx's. Limiting alliances takes away one whole side of the game and you don't have to have the whole realm allied and if you try to I think a number of clans will see you as a good target because it indicates your safety is in many "keep me safe" alliances and thus you are not aggressive and will be classed as a food clan.

The Red Herald said...

R24 is coming out this friday. :-)

David Wheeler said...

Because that would work... :P Alliances don't need to be made in-game for them to be valid to players... Sister clans popped up everywhere in realms 17 and 18.

Moral of the story: You can't limit the amount of friends people have.