Exciting new changes in Release 65.2!

New Today!

Village list on Mobile : gets a context popup menu allowing you to quickly launch build, recruit etc without ever leaving the village list

Claims: other clan's claims show as purple flag in map village hud

Caravan : no longer needs click on cards to reveal the choices (saves you a click), and catch up spawns 5 instead of 3 caravans. Caravan Catch Up does not give you more caravans, just saves you waiting time.

VIP Chat borders: You can show off your status via border in chat. Turn it on via throne room's VIP popup.

Warroom / single attack: proper trip durations for rebel rush

Reports: when a new report exists, opening popup auto gets latest info

Gov Chest Cost : losing a governor when attacking, refunds 1/2 of the chest for last governor.


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