Alpha release of Target System

Hello Realm of Empires fans!

We are releasing a very early, developer preview / alpha release version of a new Target System that we are working on.

It is very rough and ugly, but we are releasing it so early in our effort to solicit more feedback from you. We want to hear your comments and suggestions so that we know where to put our efforts next.

This is a short HOW TO use this system.


When you want to ask your clan mates for support, click the new icon on village HUD, then click Ask For Support:

Enter what ever details you want - we recommend you keep this short and include the date and time you need the support by

When created, you and all your clan mates will see this icon on the map notifying them that someone is asking for support :

Your clan members can click your village, enter the target system and read your message and also comment on it. Every clan member is allowed one response in form of a question, comment, or log of support sent

Indicators on the map tell you how many questions, comments or logs of support sent are made

When calling for support to multiple villages...

... a handy feature is the ability to paste ALL of your calls-for-support, to chat, with just one-click:


In a very similar way, you can mark villages on the map as targets for attack

Assigned To / Act By time / Map HUD display

Significant changes were introduced in version 4.0, please see here for details


Please ask in comments section of this blog post. 




I don't like the icons on my map, can I turn them off? Yes, here:

Why is this a bit rough looking?
It is a developer preview / alpha release meant to start a conversation between us so that we can complete it in a way that works for you. Tell us what you want us to do here.

Can I share this with allies? 
Not in this release. If you want such functionality, please vote this suggestion up

Release History

Version 0.1 - initial release
Version 0.2 - Dec 9 2016
- FIXED : Pasting a long list of support or attack calls cuts off the list and does not post it fully
- FIXED: new buttons in chat blocking
Version 0.3 - Feb 2 2017.
- Sharing with allies
- auto creation of calls for support from incoming summary popup
- auto populate landing time of first incoming when creating call for support
- see all targets popup
Version 0.4 - March 2 2017
- significant set of changes, please see here for details


ChristyOliviaHannah Berry said...


Bjarke Welander Hald said...

This sounds amazing, can't wait to try it!

John O'Connell said...

Looks ok but attacks are imminent and the biggest problem has always been differing time zones not a reluctance to support.

Ruby Peterson said...

Sounds good. Hope it works.

Nathan Fath said...

I am very happy to see this being add as cutting and pasting attacks are to confusing when there are many attacks. So I have always pushed toward a skype war room even after the in game chat was improved. The best way to pass on the attack landing times for me is to screen shot as a jpeg and post to a chat format that allows you to post pics. I hope this will remedy this problem.
As for the comment above from John O'Connell. Time zone have little to do with support if you all use the In-game clock. Just my 2 cents...

As always kill, kill and then kill some more
gOOD Day

Raine Smith said...

How do you turn it off?

Rachel Thurmond said...

How do I turn it off?? My clan keeps sending me unnecessary support.