Allowing Realm Of Empires to publish short stories to your wall

At realm of empires, we only publish relevant stories about significant events in the game ( read about stories we publish ).

We strive to make the stories fun, interesting, appealing to the eye to your and to your friends.

Being able to publish stories to your wall, helps us grow! Facebook may publish those stories to your friends news feed hence increasing the chances that Realm Of Empires will be discovered by others.

If you are enjoying the game, and would like to help us grow, we would very much like to ask you to allow us to post stories to your profile. As explained here we publish very few stories, and only of significant events in the game.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for helping us grow!

Allow Realm Of Empires to post stories to your wall in 60 seconds.

Step 1: Login to Facebook and click the Applications button on bottom left of the screen

Step 2: Click the Edit button.

Step 3: Locate Realm of Empires and click Edit Settings

Step 4: On the Wall tab, select 'Allow Realm of Empires to publish specific story size (...)" and select "Short" as the story size.


*Laura* said...

Hmmm, I might be a little dense :P it's been a long day for me, but how do I send Hugs once I let ROE publish stories?

Nellan.Bear said...

Consider it done.. which you should, since I just did it lol :P


Anonymous said...

I did it. ROE is a great application lol

Paul said...

I did this but have seen no changes or no short story

Elizabeth said...

Anything I can do to help, I will do. Consider this done. :) I love this game!

Bubaribaman said...

Thanks everyone!

Paul, you will not see stories immediately. We only publish few stories; only when something significant happens.

Anonymous said...

I would have enjoyed letting RoE post a story to my wall about how I was awarded "Free Peasant" status, but the draft report didn't mention that neat title. It was just some sort of generic up-a-level blurb. Please include the titles. We Free Peasants are proud of our status!

Actually, I'm some sort of baron (j.g.) now, but I'm still a Free Peasant at heart.

Jackie said...

I don't seem to have the ability to allow short stories, only one liners. I would love to allow more, but those options are not available. Bummer.

Brian said...

Hey I have a pretty cool idea for the game. I think it could be hard to do... I'm not really sure but I think it would be defiantly worth it. where can i message you about the idea for the game so i can try to explain it?

Anonymous said...

I have a good idea. Sometimes when I attack I send 3 attacks with govenors. This means, if it's 17% yea lowered each time, I get the village. But if I don't, someone always gets there before me! So, you should put an auto attack system. So, if the yea isn't below 50%, another attack will be sent!