Stories Realm Of Empires publishes to your wall

As seasoned facebook user, you probably know that Facebook Applications you authorize, can post stories to your wall.

Those stories are supposed to tell your friends significant events in your 'life'. Unfortunately, many applications spam their members.

Many game post as many stories as the they possibly can, mostly of trivial events events such as of you inviting friends to the application ("Bill has invited his friends to join him in something wars") or clicking a complete quest button ("Bill stashed away a hoard of gold in Dragon Wars")

At Realm of Empires, we aim to only publish significant stories. Here are the stories we publish:

You registered at a realm

You joined or created a clan

You accepted a new title

You conquered a new village

We plan to make those stories more interesting and relevant by including unique graphics to every title, different graphics, and your statistics in conquered village story etc.


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