Cannot enter realm of empires - 3rd party cookie issue


I cannot enter the game. Everytime I click on Login or Enter, it just takes me back the main screen.


We use cookies to remember who you are, ie to log you in. Because Realm Of Empires is running inside Facebook iframe, Realm of Empires is considered a '3rd party' so you must enable 3rd party cookies.


While in Beta, we only support Fire Fox 3.x and Internet Explorer 7. If you are using a different browser and find a solution to this problem, please send us some information so that it can be added here

Fire Fox 3.x

Enable 3rd party cookies. Go to Tools->Options go to Privacy tab and check mark 'Accept third-party cookies'

Internet Explorer 7

You must allow Third-party cookies or, add as a trusted site.

Under Tools->Internet Options, go to Security Tab

There you can add to trusted sites:

OR, go to Privacy tab

There either lower the security level to High or lower OR, click Advanced and enable third-party cookies


jayp said...

till having problems even if i did everything in the said solution to the connection issue message..

jayp said...


Anonymous said...

How about Google Chrome?

Joe said...

I am not having the 3rd party cookie problem, but a different problem that prevents a specific facebook account from connecting to RoE from several computers that can get to RoE from other facebook accounts. It behaves exactly like this bug, but has proven to not be.

what in Facebook could be preventing this one specific account from getting on Roe?

Anonymous said...

How about Google Chrome?

Anonymous said...

Why not not use 3rd party cookies i want to play this game bad and it still wont let me play when i did all of this solution to the connection! Why do you need our names? You neeeeeeed our personal info?????? And why do i have to prove that i'm not a robot???????

Anonymous said...

HOW ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME OR SAFARI???????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never gave this problem before, it stopped me in inviting friends page, I cant enter wether I choose ok or cance

Anonymous said...

I never have this problem before, it stopped me in inviting friends page, I cant enter wether I choose ok or cance