What had changed? A guide for veterans - Summary

Realm of Empires started in 2008 with Realm 1. We regularly have veterans, those who played a long time ago, come back after years of absence. Sometimes we hear that they have a hard time navigating through all the changes that were made over the years.

This guide tries to help veterans by itemizing changes that occurred over the years.

Here is a summary of changes

Game Play changes

 Changes to parameters and settings

  1. Servant usage balance - Building speed up
  2. Servant usage balance - Gift cap reduction
  3. Servant usage balance - Yay boost usage limitation
  4. Servant usage balance - Free speedups, spells, troops
  5. Handicap reductions
  6. Losing a governor on attack refunds part of the cost

New Features


Daraken said...

This is a great summary of changes and very helpful. Thank you!

One more change I might add to the New Features is the ability to see troop speed of incoming and outgoing attacks/support. When I came back after a break, I was excited to discover this.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to copy a players village list from the mobile app?

Anonymous said...

one changed id like to see is NOT being able to kill your own troops and govs.